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About anyFish

anyFish is a novel software tool for creating computer-animated stimuli of small fish in animal behavior. The software is distinguished by ease of use, methodological rigor, and end-user involvement. The proposal represents a close collaboration between end-users working on animal behavior and evolution, and developers working on computer-animation and video-game technology. Please explore the links below for information on required software and tutorials created to guide your use of the program.


-anyFish is now available for download! Please click here to download the latest version of anyFish.

-Spencer Ingley will be conducting an anyFish workshop/demo at the upcoming ABS 2014 meetings in Princeton. Feel free to contact him at sjingley [at] gmail dot com

The anyFish team

Get involved with anyFish

The latest release of anyFish can be found here. Check back frequently for updates. To be added to the anyFish mailing list, contact Gil Rosenthal. To be added as a wiki editor, please send an email request to Rongfeng Cui with your user name, full name and affiliation.

anyFish Editor Program Download

anyFish User Manual

anyFish YouTube Tutorials

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