Chris Holland
Ph.D. Candidate

Chris Holland

Department of Biology
Texas A&M University 

3258 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843 

Tel: 979.845.3614 

Curriculum Vitae (updated June 2017)

Chris Holland

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S in Animal Pre-veterinary Science and minors in Marine Biology and Psychology. At URI, I worked in Dr. Jacqueline Webb’s Lab on an independent project that looked at communication and sensory biology in two species of cichlid fishes. I wanted to see how behaviors in these two species are mediated by sensory input by measuring their respective contribution to communication.

I joined the Rosenthal lab in 2014 and I plan to continue to work on sensory systems and their contribution to the evolution of behavioral communication. My project’s aim is to better understand a key component of male sexual signals, the use of pheromones in communication. Specifically, I will investigate how two naturally hybridizing species of Xiphophorus use chemical communication, what the mechanisms of control are, and what the signal's chemical composition is. Identifying the compounds in this model system will enable me to explore the diversity of signals that exist: between species, between intraspecific populations, and within populations which will provide insight to a possible mechanism for speciation and further our understating of how male signals impact female mate choice and correlated effects on reproductive isolation.

When not playing Dr. Dolittle, I enjoy crossfit, yoga, hiking, swimming, eating inhuman amounts of vegetarian food, being outside with my dog, Renly and anything Game of Thrones!


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