Gastón Jofre
Ph.D. Candidate

Gastón Jofre

Department of Biology
Texas A&M University 

3258 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843 

Tel: 979.845.3614 

email:gjofre AT 

Curriculum Vitae (updated Jan 2017)

Gastón Jofre

Being originally from the biggest city of Mexico, I received in the summer of 2012 my B.S. degree in Biology, in the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Working with Dr. Guillermina Alcaraz, the main focus of my undergraduate thesis was the study of behavior, specifically aggression, between two types of males from a marine hermit crab species.

The fall of 2012 I joined the Rosenthal Lab interested in the study of mate-choice in swordtail hybrid populations. Throughout the process of my graduate studies I have acquired an accruing interest in the evolutionary dynamics in hybrid zones, specifically how natural and sexual selection plays a key role in these populations along altitudinal clines. I am currently working on characterizing and comparing the genotypic and phenotypic clines of replicated Xiphophorus malinche-X. birchmanni hybrid zones to evaluate the introgression of specific candidate gene regions, e.g. the caudal protrusion or “sword”.

Doing research also allows me to do something I enjoy, travel and admire the nature of my beautiful country, Mexico.