James Bradley Johnson
Ph.D. Candidate

James Bradley Johnson

Department of Biology
Texas A&M University 

3258 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843 

Tel: 979.845.3614 

email: jamesbjohnson AT 

Curriculum Vitae (updated August 2010)

James Bradley Johnson

Our lab's research seeks to understand the diversity of systems that animals use to communicate with one another, both at the level of proximate mechanisms and in an evolutionary sense, and to understand the role communication plays in shaping basic ecological and evolutionary processes. Our primary focus is on visual and chemical communication in teleost fishes, although students have worked on a wide variety of topics. Integrative research is necessarily collaborative, and much of our research involves work with other labs with complementary areas of specialization. Current research focuses on mate choice and evolutionary genetics in hybrid zones, gene expression across hybrid gradients, mechanisms of chemical signaling, and visual ecology of reef fishes. Much of our work involves playback of synthetic computer animations. 


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